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Excellent Limo offers a service of excellence.

Although our rates are based on more than three hours, for our clients who need a limo to pick them up quickly, and do not need it more than one hour, we provide hourly rides. There is no difference between our service for one hour and more. Our clients are our clients, and we provide the same satisfactory service to all our customers. We consider all details for hourly service as much as we do for normal service. Your chauffeur picks you up from where you want throughout Tri-State and drops you off as soon as possible in high safety. Please look at our fleet to make a decision on your vehicle. All our limos are luxurious, clean, safe, and affordable. We offer our vehicles in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Please call us for a reliable and affordable hourly ride! 1-866-253-2299 / 1-973- 837-0050

  • All you have to do for a fancy and affordable trip throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut is calling us. Call us today! 1-866-253-2299 / 1-973- 837-0050